Forex Trend Channel Indicator

Forex Trend Channel IndicatorPrice Channel The Elliott Wave Theory identifies a repetitive pattern of 5 waves in the direction of the main trend. These waves are used to forecast the stock market shifts. The idea was given by the Dow Theory and by studies found throughout nature. Price Channels were also used as a tool for arriving at price goals. It also helped confirm the finish of wave counts by Ralph Nelson Elliott. A primary trend channel is built by depicting a main up trend line along the bottoms of waves 1 and 2 after an uptrend has been established. A parallel channel line is then depicted over the top of wave. The whole uptrend will often stay inside those 2 borders. 2 lines represented the Price Channel . It is based on measurement of min, and maximum prices for the definite number of periods. The following formulas serve as the basis for the lines of the price channel: PC Lower LL (n). It is the minimal value from the set of all Low prices (Lowest Low) within n periods. PC Upper HH (n). Its the maximal value from the set of all High prices (Highest High) within n periods The changes depend on the appearing of new max. and min. prices. The indicators lines of are dynamic lines of support and resistance. The lower trend line depicts support, the upper trend line depicts resistance. Price channels with downward slopes are bearish and channels with upward slopes are bullish. If wave 3 starts to accelerate to the point that it is higher than the upper channel line, the lines are depicted again along the top of wave 1 and the bottom of wave 2. The last channel is depicted under the 2 corrective waves (2 and 4) and as a rule over the high. The upper line may have to be drawn over the top of wave if wave 3 is either unusually strong or an extended wave. The 5th wave should come close to the upper channel line before ending up. It is advisable that semi log charts be employed along with arithmetic charts for the depicting of channel lines on long-lasting trends. It is worth selling (or short) when prices achieve basic trend line resistance in a bearish price channel and purchasing when prices achieve basic trend line support in a bullish price channel. ForexAu Any person, who is planning to enter currency trading, within the forex market must be equipped with a reliable trading platform. Seeking the assistance of a reputed platform like Metatrader can allow the traders to trade the actual markets through an automated broker, as well as have all the charts, tools and graphs at their disposal. Metatrader trading platform is well known for its wide collection of free forex indicators. These indicators are created by experienced forex traders with the intention of helping other traders to make their life easy. These indicators provide a large number of solutions for the traders to engage in their trading activities with a hassle free mind. Forex Indicators Forex indicators are defined as charting patterns that forex traders search for in order to predict the future trends in the market. Plenty of chart patterns are there and they can provide useful hints to the traders as to where the future movements will go. Currency market can be considered as one of the most volatile markets that you can see in the present world. The value of currencies change every second and all the forex traders are advised to have several free indicators to predict the future trends. They will help a trader to get a better idea of when to sit out until another better signal comes in their way. Best Trading Platform Engaging in your trading activities within the Metatrader trading platform makes a lot of sense since there is a huge collection of Metatrader indicators available. All these indicators can be added to the platform in a convenient way. Using a single indicator to trade currencies can lead you to trouble. You cannot predict about the future of currencies. Therefore, it is recommended by experts to load multiple forex indicators to the Metatrader platform and stay away from trouble. When you load multiple indicators to the same graph, you can have an excellent look at the upcoming trends. Then you can stay away from all the downward trends and follow the path of success. Since these indicators are offered to you free of charge, you can load multiple indicators as much as you want. All the people who engage in forex trading activities should select the best forex trading platform available in order to avoid hassle and make profits in a convenient way. Out of the available forex trading platforms, Metatrader holds a prominent place. It is a software platform that is independent of the forex broker. This independent forex trading platform was developed by MetaQuotes Company in 2002. It has maintained an excellent reputation over the past few years due to its unique and interesting features. Brokers who use the Metatrader platform have their own package versions, but the backend of the application is managed by MetaQuotes. The Metatrader trading platform is well known for its ability to run robots, ability to perform a wide range of technical analysis and for expert advisors. Metatrader Indicators Metatrader trading platform is being used by hundreds of brokers all over the world. The enhanced security and advanced technology offered by Metatrader has impressed these brokers. This will provide the opportunity for forex traders to open and close forex positions without worrying about the stability of their platform. The Metatrader trading platform offers a variety of benefits and advantages for its clients. The interface of this platform is extremely user friendly and even inexperienced forex traders can engage in their trading activities within the volatile market with comfort. Since this is an international platform, it supports several languages for the convenience of traders. The advanced communication tools can help brokers to communicate with their traders in real time. These tools will eliminate the need for complicated email threads that give birth to several complications. Metatrader For Forex Market Along with the user friendly trading features, Metatrader trading platform has introduced advanced charting capabilities for the traders. This will provide the chance for forex traders to analyze their technical aspects of the prevailing forex market. Unlike other forex trading platforms, Metatrader offers the traders to access expert advisors. They can use these expert advisors to automate all the trading activities and customize them according to their needs and requirements. This platform is relatively low on resources, which means you can run it on your own personal computer without any trouble. This will allow the traders to react quickly and implement the requests within a short period of time. People who use Metatrader can view account information such as account balance, password information, access details and trading history through the actual platform interface. You dont need to worry about hacks or attacks because they have very high security implementations. The trading platform is a flexible one and it supports a variety of currencies. Out of all, the customization features can make your life easy and give you the opportunity to focus more on forex trades. The Metatrader forex trading platform has become a market standard as well and any forex trader can go for it without any hesitation. People who engage in forex trading activities should look for a great trading platform like Metatrader because of the excellent collection of free indicators it has. This will assure your chances of getting successful as a forex trader. This platform also has several unique and interesting features that make it a perfect choice for any forex trader. Therefore, spending time and money on such a platform will be a great investment done towards your future. Posts navigationChannel surfing Commercial Member Joined Nov 2008 217 Posts Ok, so a quick background. Ive traded for 13 years. EVERYTHING. Stokcks, futures, options and forex. I focus on options and forex now. In the 13 years I think Ive tried, tested and traded almost every strategy, auto system in the market. In fact, I managed a large fund that was made up of 100 automated system based in tradestation created by my partner and I. Ive also co owned a Introducing Brokerage and have personally met some of the best most powerful traders in the world. On top of that, I am VERY involved in one of the worlds largets trading and investing schools. Long story short, Ive seen it all. Ive been around the block. I know a few things for sure. 1 - Low Vol is ALWAYS, followed by high Vol. ALWAYS Remember that. And think about that when looking at the current SP value sitting at 1433 with the VIX starting to move up. HINT HINT. 2 - There are a TON of fakes out there. A lot of people are not who they say they are. Thats sad because I love this business and us good guys need to change it 3 - Things that work in trading: Price Action. Thats it. With that Price Action forms supply and demand. The best setups are after a rise or fall in price, into a supply or demand level against the longer term trend. Let me hit on 3. NZDUSD is perfect right now. Current long term (daily) trend is UP, Shorter term trend (4h) is UP, Price fell to a demand level JACKPOT BUY BUY BUY So, my strategy is simple: (I use 2 SHI channel indicators that are coded by others. They do a nice job. So THANK YOU to whoever created them) Pull up a 4H chart Add quotSonic SHI Channel MTFquot indicator with the TF changed to 1440 Add quotSHIChannelTrueModifiedVersionquot (this will plot the 4H timeframe) The trade: Both 1440 and 4H channels moving in the same direction. Wait for a move against the trend and a close outside the far side of the 4H channel or the Daily channel and into demand or supply. Wait for a close back into the 4H channel or the daily channel. Take the trade Use the low pivot as a SL and a supply and demand level as the target Simple: Picture will tell the story. I hope Take a look. I will keep posting trades. White lines are supply and demand. Orange is the Daily SHI Channel. Green is the 4H SHI Channel. Red is my BUY point. Stop is 8175 (Just below Demand) and target is 8310 (Supply). Attached Image (click to enlarge) Joined Aug 2012 Status: Member 57 Posts Could it be possible to attach also the indicators needed along with a template in order to avoid any unwanted misconfiguration Thank you in advance, Akis