South Indian top movies to watch in 2020

Whether there’s one issue the net has rendered acutely aware of, it’s that the future is in your control. And the universe of movies, only a few steps away. Everyone last week during the lockdown, just let movies be their savior—and their escape. And maybe, this year, you must watch Telugu new moviesmainly called South Indian films?

In recent times, South Indian films, Tamil, Malayalam, Kannada & Tulu—have captured the imagination of several filmmakers, not as they’re entertaining, but even though they have alluring and convincing storylines that are complicated, authentic and veer away from conventional movie formats. Here are a few recommendations to watch great south Indian.

1- Colour photo

Suhas is the lead from a centre with an output that emerges from the heart. He’s a talented star, much like actor Priyadarshi, with the potential to switch like a chameleon among both comedy roles as well as emotionally transforming personalities. Chandini played the role of privilege women who is nevertheless compassionate and empathetic.

A narrative by Sai Rajesh &a screenwriter, directed by debutant Sandeep Raj, is a movie concerning a dark-skinned outsider directed by a team of champions that have fought their path into the Telugu film industry as of winning with audiences with their short stories.

2- Maavintagadhavinuma 

Siddhu (SiddhuJonnalagadda) is a cheerful teenager who falls in love with Vineetha (Seerat Kapoor). He’s been trying to win her for months, and then Vineetha agrees to his proposed plan during the last year of university. As years pass, Siddhu&Vineetha head to Goa for the pre-wedding shoot of their brother (Kamal Kamaraju). But things start to change all in a second, and Siddhu&Vineetha get engaged at a drunken phase. It is the viral footage of this wild marriage that triggers a break within the romantic story, and they break up. The rest of the narrative is about how Siddhu is going to get his love again.

Kamal Kamaraj and Kalpika Ganesh are doing well in respective positions of support. Even the tongue and the humour in the movie are nice. Dialogues require extra attention because they are funny yet very modern.

3- Oreybujjiga

The movie begins in Nidudavolu as the family of Bujji (Raj Tharun) fix a match for him. Annoyed with this, he’s leaving his city. At just about the same time, Krishnaveni (Malavika Nair) also tries to get away to Hyderabad for the exact reason. But the whole town thinks that Bujji and Krishnaveni have decided to get married.

As Krishnaveni gets to know everything, she’s mad at Bujji for a while. The main turn in the script happens when Krishnaveni meets Bujji as Seenu. Love sparkles among them & in a lovely moment, Bujji comes to understand that Krishnaveni is the person who runs away from her village and hates him.

At the end

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