WoW: Blizzard Has Several Free-to-Play Mobile Games in Development

For years we have seen rumors about possible mobile games inspired by the WoW universe. Just today, Bobby Kotick, CEO of the Blizzard Company, confirmed that there are several experiences in “advanced” development.

During the latest earnings report, Kotick has spoken with investors and shared plans to expand the franchise by offering “premium content.” As part of this strategy, Blizzard is immersed in developing one, if not multiple, free-to-play Warcraft mobile experiences.

“In our Warcraft franchise, we try to offer premium content to maintain and expand the World of Warcraft community,” Kotick told investors. “And we’ve made a number of free-to-play Warcraft style mobile games and they are now in advanced development.”

Kotick has delivered this news talking about Diablo Immortal that has worked well during testing and how they can expand Diablo’s reach. “

Rumors of a WoW mobile game have been around since 2017 when Blizzard posted job offers for a new mobile game based on the franchise. A rumor from 2018 suggested that Blizzard would be working on a Pokémon GO style of augmented reality. Since Kotick has talked about various projects, this could be one of them.

Actually there are already some mobile games based on the Warcraft universe, see Hearthstone (the card game).

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 (Contributed by GB; Edited by Hermes_Fang)